Community Involvement

We at Wil Fischer Companies take pride in our community and we appreciate our customers. As a result of our concern for the area we participate in the following community service programs.

Wil Fischer Companies has educated over 100,000 junior and senior area high school students about the tragic results of underage drinking. The “Wasted” Program, started in 1991 in conjunction with Cox Heath Systems, displays the devastating outcomes of drinking and driving through real life stories and dramatic photography. The program continues to this day to instruct thousands of Southwest Missouri’s youth.

Wil Fischer Companies continues to work with the area to eliminate drunk driving. We therefore are strong supporters of the Cab Alert program, which provides free transportation to local bar and restaurant patrons.

We are also proud sponsors of the following area causes: the American Cancer Society, the Lost and Found of the Ozarks, the Doula Foundation of Mid America, Big Brother and Big Sisters of the Ozarks, March of Dimes, Ducks Unlimited, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Children’s Miracle Network with Cox Health Systems, and the Girls and Boys Club charity fund raisers.

Wil Fischer Companies has also supplemented Missouri State University’s freshmen orientation program by participating in round table discussions about the wrongs of underage drinking.

We consider ourselves partners with area retailers and consumers and that is why we actively participate in the above programs. We want to make Springfield and the Ozarks the best place to live. We thank our area friends and neighbors – our Partners in Success.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with the local Habitat for Humanity. Our combined efforts allowed us to provide assistance to three families in need.

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