The family of Wil Fischer Companies sells and distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the Midwest from many suppliers across the country.

Our company’s business philosophy is and has always been “Excellence in all phases of business.” The entire Wil Fischer staff is devoted to the belief that quality service is what drives sales in the beverage industry. We provide great service that delivers constant growth and continued customer satisfaction. Our quality employees sell the highest quality product and deliver that product with exceptional service.

Wil Fischer Distributing was founded July 6th, 1966 by Wil and Vera Fischer as an exclusive Anheuser-Busch wholesaler. In that year the company sold 211,000 cases and had 5 employees. In 1985 the company broke the 1 million case mark for the first time. The company doubled that sales mark by selling 2 million cases in 2000, with a staff of 70 employees.

• 1966 – Founded/Headquartered in Springfield, MO
• 1966 – Sold 211,000 c/e
• 1978 – Sold 500,000 c/e
• 1985 – Sold 1MM c/e
• 1992 – Sold 1.5MM c/e
• 2000 – Sold 2MM c/e
• 2010 – Sold 2.4MM c/e
• 2014 – Acquired Schatz Distributing in Kansas City, KS
• 2014 – Sold 3.1MM c/e c/e
• 2018 – Acquired Luecke Distributing, Poplar Bluff, MO

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